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fundamentals Hard Enduro February 2, 2024

Static Balance Foundation

Learning static balance while stationary on a dirt bike requires mastering a few key techniques. Begin by finding a soft surface, such as grass or dirt. The softer the surface the easier it is because there is a larger contact patch on the tire to the ground. Start by sitting on the bike with both feet on the ground and the bike in first gear with the engine off. To initiate static balance, turn the front wheel to one side with the handlebars locked in position. Then, gently compress the front suspension by leaning forward and applying pressure to the handlebars while slowly stepping onto one of the pegs.

Once you’ve compressed the front suspension and locked the handlebars, focus on making small adjustments with your body and handlebars to maintain balance while brigning your body up and over the bike. Make sure your staring at a fixed point out in front of you and not looking at your bike’s fender. Keep your weight centered over the bike’s midline and use subtle shifts in body position to counteract any tipping movements. Once you can bring your other leg onto the peg, then use sifts in your knee position, and upper body to try to maintain balance. Practice holding this balanced position for short intervals even if you just have one foot on the peg, then gradually increase the duration as you gain confidence and control. Remember to stay relaxed and maintain a light grip on the handlebars to allow for smooth adjustments. With consistent practice on a soft surface, you’ll develop the ability to hold static balance confidently while stationary on a dirt bike, laying a solid foundation for more advanced riding skills on varied terrain.


Develop bike balance foundation that will help you progress onto harder, more challenging obstacles.

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