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    The head coach

    Meet Cody.

    Origin Story

    Born and raised in Watsonville, CA, Cody was fortunate to have excellent riding terrain readily available. Add in a great mentor, his father, and it was the right recipe to create an extreme enduro expert. 

    Sheer Dedication

    If anyone has proven that hard work and an effort to improve can get you to the top, it’s Cody Webb, who sits at the top of the sport – but in his mind still has a way to go to get there.

    the why

    Our mission.

    CW2 Training was created because I saw a need for a more affordable and on-demand training option for off-road riding and racing. This platform is designed for individuals both brand new to the sport and pros/veterans looking to improve their confidence and technique.

    the CW2 difference

    What's included in the CW2 Training Platform

    Exclusive access to coaching and mentoring from me on the platform. I provide technique breakdowns and feedback on your uploaded riding videos to help you improve quickly. I engage with you and help members reach their goals. I will also host track walks at most Hard Enduro races which will be available to CW2 members only.

    cody webb winning silver kings prologue training hard enduro skills

    Step-by-step lessons: we have video and written content to guide you through everything from bike setup, to drills and skills practice, racing tips, and more. My number one goal is to get you out there riding with honed skills and confidence!

    Gain insight from riders all over the world or find your new riding buddies. Engage with other subscribers and share your thoughts and tips on the community message boards. We are here to support each other, learn from each other, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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    We’re a team of passionate hard enduro riders, coaches and filmmakers dedicated to growing the sport of hard enduro, helping riders develop their dirtbike skills and pursue mastery on the bike.


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