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Hard Enduro Wheelie June 3, 2023

Standing Wheelie Basics

Developing the skill to perform a standing wheelie requires a combination of throttle control, balance, and finesse. Start by finding a flat, open area where you can safely practice without obstacles. Begin riding at a moderate speed in a low gear, maintaining a steady throttle and a balanced body position. As you approach the desired speed for the wheelie, gradually reduce throttle input to allow the front suspension to compress slightly. With a gentle pull on the handlebars and a slight shift of your body weight backward, apply a smooth and controlled increase in throttle to lift the front wheel off the ground. Focus on maintaining a relaxed grip on the handlebars and keeping your arms slightly bent to absorb any bumps or changes in terrain.

Once the front wheel is off the ground, use subtle adjustments in throttle and body positioning to control the height and duration of the wheelie. Remember to drag the rear with your foot the entire time to keep from looping out. Aim to keep the front wheel elevated at a comfortable height just below the tip over point while maintaining forward momentum. The higher up you can keep the wheel the easier and less momentum (ie throttle) is required to hold that balance point. As you gain confidence and stability, experiment with varying the speed and throttle input to refine your technique and extend the duration of the wheelie. Remember to practice start small with a small blip and back down, then gradually increase the difficulty as your skills progress. With dedication and practice, you’ll develop the ability to perform a standing wheelie with ease, adding another dynamic skill to your repertoire for conquering challenging terrain in hard enduro riding.


Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.

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