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Breaking down the win: Grindingstone 2024 Race Recap

Really happy with my finish at the second round of the US Hard Enduro series for Grindingstone. That race never disappoints and it was gnarlier than ever this year! It was a knockout format with two qualifier races that brought 300 riders down to only 25 for the final race. The promoter also included a fun street endurox race in downtown Page to get the locals involved. Was fortunate enough to take the win there and bring home an extra $500 that I was stoked on!

The first two qualifier races are mostly for the amateurs to enjoy themselves and give the pros some arm pump. The loops are much longer and span across three mesas in the wild terrain Page, AZ has to offer. I was able to ride smart in both of these races and hang with the lead pack. The goal for me in these qualifiers was not to win, but just ride smart and battle in the top 5 pack to guarantee myself a spot on the front row for the start of the final moto.

The final moto started out kind of slow for me. I was riding tight and not comfortable with my mental confidence on the massive sandstone slabs. I think because it was so cold and windy out with a long time between the morning race that it took me a bit to warm up and find my groove. When it started snowing early in the race, I really started to lose it and doubt myself. I had a big crash, bent my bars slightly, didn’t make a few obstacles on the first try and lost a lot of time to Trystan Hart and Ryder Leblond.

Luckily, once the snow stopped and the wind dried the course up some, I was able to regroup and start throwing down flawless laps. I only had one minor mistake the rest of the race and the confidence rebounded back. Catching back up to the two leaders, making that final pass for the lead and pulling a gap and maintaining that gap was huge. I’ve struggled a lot these last few years between injuries and trying to get my fitness back again so it means a ton to get on the top step of the podium again back to back.

I honestly feel like working on this training platform has held me accountable and made me practice what I preach. It has definitely helped me get my riding/training back on track and I’m looking forward to trying to keep this train rolling.



Cody Webb
Cody Webb
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