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Covering clutch for hard enduro riding

Clutch control is one of the most important fundamentals to learn when it comes to hard enduro riding. It is essentially your direct link to control the power to the rear tire. Obviously, you have the throttle, which gives you an accurate amount of power to ride through various terrain. However, when you can implement proper clutch control, it will vastly improve your precision and help connect the power of the engine to the ground.

If you have quick reaction timing on the clutch it can prevent and save the bike from getting away from you. The biggest hurdle for both new and experienced riders is precise clutch control. Coming from a trials background, I view the clutch as my link to what the rear wheel is doing and making traction.

It’s common to watch riders from a motocross background not covering their finger over the clutch lever. When riding/racing offroad, you never know what will be around the next corner and how you will need to react. That is why it is crucial to always try and remind yourself to keep that finger covering the lever to improve that reaction time.

For riding hard enduro, I highly suggest trying to use your pointer finger on the clutch. It’s common to see riders using their middle finger. The problem with using that finger is it’s more for strength and not precision. When using your pointer finger on the clutch, you will have more control with precise movements and a stronger grip on the bars with your middle finger wrapped around them.

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Cody Webb
Cody Webb
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